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Who to Follow Where in the Wide World of Instagram Travel

As we all wait patiently to receive our COVID-19 vaccinations and for life to return to normal again, we still have a few more months before we’ll be able to travel without having to worry about the health of others or ourselves.

In this liminal period, as we’ve found over the course of the past year, the best we can do when it comes to travel is to seek out inspiration and plan for when it’s finally safe to explore and adventure again.

Of course, we’re a little biased in that we want you to get your travel inspiration from us at WHERE NEXT?, but we know there’s a whole digital ecosystem focused on travel out there to draw your attention, including online versions of classic travel magazines, personal travel blogs, YouTube channels, and more. But the most popular avenue for travel inspiration comes from the world’s most famous app devoted to sharing images: Instagram.

Hosting millions of accounts, Instagram is a juggernaut in today’s internet landscape, influencing art, culture, and even the economy. It’s no wonder then that something so powerful would also be the go-to place for getting the inside scoop on the best places to travel around the world. Whether you’re a family seeking travel tips for living and working on the road, a single solo traveler seeking out of this world adventure, a European-obsessive with the goal of visiting every country on the continent, there’s a travel account to capture your imagination with dreamy destinations, first-hand experiences, and helpful hints on places to go and stay. To help narrow down the seemingly endless list of options of influencers to follow, we’ve put together this round-up of our favorite Instagram travel experts. Give any of these global explorers a follow and enjoy the ultimate in aesthetically pleasing armchair travel.


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