Holiday Giving: Put Travel at the Top of Your List

Because After the Year We’ve Had, We All Want to Get Away

It goes without saying that travel is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself or for others. Travel opens doors to other cultures and ways of life, expands minds, and solidifies the importance of learning about, exploring, and preserving the wonders of the world. But given the actual state of the world lately, it’s been hard to get out and actively see the globe. So, what better way to usher in the holiday season than to start thinking about giving the gift of travel? 

There are a few ways to approach giving travel as a gift depending on who the recipient is. Follow these guidelines and feel confident that your gift of travel is one the recipient has always wanted. 


Close Family 

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If it’s your spouse or partner, kids, or a combination of both, then feel free to be bold and book an entire vacation as a surprise for the whole family. Just make sure you’re up to date on your family’s schedule and have chosen a time to get away that works within that. Finally, make certain you’ve selected a destination that everyone can agree on. Then, all you have to do is kick back and watch the smiles fill their faces when you reveal the best gift of the season.  


Close Family Who Like to Be in Control & Extended Family 


For close family members who like to be in control and for extended family, it’s never a good idea to simply schedule a trip on their behalf – even if you’re also planning on going on the trip yourself. There are just too many things that can go wrong in a situation like this, from picking a “bad” destination to scheduling at the wrong time, or not considering other needs. It is a much better idea to offer a travel gift for the future.  holiday planning map and tablet

This is especially important now, since many people are unable or unwilling to travel during a global pandemic, but will happily hit the road again once the problem has subsided. Future travel options can come in many forms. From gift cards at hotel brands, loyalty programs, or airlines, to gifting airline miles themselves, there are more than enough ways to offer your loved one the gift of future travel.  

One final fun way to get a loved one excited about traveling to a new destination or a destination they already love is to give a gift certificate for an experience there or a guided tour. Whether it’s bungee jumping in its birthplace of New Zealand or a Tuscan garden tour in Italy, you can customize a gift and secure it for a later date. 


Friends & Everyone Else  


For friends and everyone else, actual travel is not highly recommended. Again, too many things can go wrong with a gift like that, so instead, present you friends and other loved ones with a travel-related present. Suggestions include luggage, a soft travel scarf, a luxury travel amenity kit, or a souvenir or gift from their favorite destination like French Champagne or New England maple syrup. Even a foreign-language dictionary or phrasebook makes for an acceptable holiday travel gift.  

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Another option for employees, nieces, nephews, and others? Offer to foot the fee for TSA Pre-Check. They’ll be thanking you ever time they bypass a long security line in favor of keeping their shoes on and their laptops safely stowed.   

Whichever way you choose to give the gift of travel, be proud of the fact that you’re fiving one of the greatest gives possible. It expands minds, broadens horizons, and leave everyone with memories to carry with them for a lifetime.