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Get instant benefits with I Prefer Hotel Rewards at more than 700 hotels in over 85 countries
WelcomHotel Amritsar lobby
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WelcomHotel Amritsar

Khasra No 220 M , Raja Ki Kothi, Ajnala Road, Amritsar, Punjab, India
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Set in the quiet Raja Sansi area of Amritsar in the Punjab region of India, WelcomHotel Amritsar features 101 rooms set on eight acres nestled in the lush North Indian Plain. Housed in a historic building in an area home to thousands of years of cultural mixing, the hotel merges traditional artistry with modern hospitality to capture the enduring spirit of this storied region.

In an area so steeped in history and tradition, there's no shortage of captivating cultural activities. While at WelcomHotel Amritsar you can:

  • Treat yourself to a treatment or two at the K by Kaya Kalp Spa
  • Enjoy authentic northern Indian cuisine at one of four restaurants
  • Swim in the property's pool and admire the eight acres of manicured grounds
  • Hold an event, meeting, or wedding for up to 1,500 people in the property's event spaces

While at WelcomHotel Amritsar, you'll stay in a completely refurbished, century-old "kothi" or "country house." Modern amenities and facilities juxtapose with historic spaces designed with a fresh take on ancient architecture. Arched entrances and doorways are inspired by the local building vernacular, nodding to ancient temples and palaces built and designed by a diverse group of settlers and traders over the course of many centuries.


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WelcomHotel Amritsar guestroom


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The property's 101 rooms are spread across four room tiers, with 44 Deluxe Rooms, 28 Superior Rooms, 22 Club Rooms, and seven Suites — including the impressive Raja Sansi Presidential Suite. 

Clean lines, cool interiors, and modern amenities are set against a backdrop of green fields and yellow flowers seen through large windows. Dark wood offsets light walls and polished marble floors. The airy atmosphere evokes a sense of calm and comfort, making WelcomHotel Amritsar a relaxing retreat amid India's bustling northern regions.

All accommodations feature walk-in closets, separate toilet areas, smart TVs with Netflix and YouTube, along with cool colors, plush carpets, workstations, and at least 325 sq ft / 30 sq m of space. 

WelcomHotel Amritsar dining


Located in the heart of the Punjab region of Northern India, this area is known for its unique culinary style. Basmati rice, flatbreads, curries, local vegetable dishes, dairy products, and spices are key ingredients of the region. WelcomHotel Amritsar's dining options seamlessly blend the traditional Punjabi cooking style within modern gastronomy. The hotel offers four dining options:

WelcomCafe Phulkari – All-day dining with buffet and à la carte options for breakfast and dinner.

Sholla – Historically, traders and invaders from many lands came together near Amritsar, each bringing with them their own culinary customs. Sholla offers a modern, refined version of those first fusion foods. 

Samar – Featuring a "Wine Appreciation Chamber" for budding sommeliers, private dining options, and open-air terraces, Samar offers local cuisine options with a distinctly international flair. 

Shacquar – As the hotel's lounge, Shacquar provides guests with fine Indian tea, coffee, and snacks throughout the day. 

WelcomHotel Amritsar gym


Take a dip in the family-friendly pool, watch the kids on the playground, stroll the eight acres of lush landscaping, or simply relax on the terrace and admire the distant fields. Whatever you choose to do at WelcomHotel Amritsar, you'll feel and experience a sense of place like no other. 

Outside of the hotel you can visit and explore:

Wagah-Attari Border Ceremony – Taking place every evening before sunset at the border between India and Pakistani, the Wagah-Attari border ceremony is a military parade turned dance battle with marching and pageantry from both countries' militaries. 

The Sikh Museum – Visit for a look at the history of the Sikh religion and its gurus and martyrs through paintings, illustrations, weapons, and other artifacts. 

Durgiana Temple – A beautiful Hindu temple made of pale stone with a roofline capped by golden pinnacles set in the middle of a sacred lake. 

The Golden Temple – This gold-covered temple is the Sikh religion's holiest shrine and major pilgrimage site. Built and rebuilt after being destroyed multiple times over by invaders, the temple is a testament to the Sikh ability to endure.

The Himalayas – Visit the tallest mountain range in the world on a day trip to one of the world's most beautiful and commanding regions.


WelcomHotel Amritsar

WelcomHotel Amritsar Khasra No 220 M , Punjab, Amritsar 91-183-2813333

Set on the North Indian Plain and surrounded by fertile fields, you can explore setting as varied as the foothills of the Himalayas and the India-Pakistan border. 

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Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is 1 mi / 2 km away from the hotel.