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COVID-19 Update

Preferred Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to its mission of championing an unwavering belief in travel and supporting independent hotels and travelers now more than ever in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a message from CEO Lindsey Ueberroth to help provide a sense of community during this challenging time.

I Prefer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts' loyalty program, is also continuing its promise to Members. For more information about Member status through 2020 and beyond, please click here.

Video Script:

Hi. I’m Lindsey Ueberroth, CEO of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

By this time, the novel coronavirus has affected all of us to varying degrees in a personal and professional manner. In the past week, its implications have spread far and wide, keeping global citizens unable to freely go about their daily activities or pursue their travel needs and aspirations.

In light of this unprecedented outbreak, I wanted to communicate with you personally to express our unconditional commitment to take care of our member hotels, our associates, our travel partners, and our loyal guests. Your well-being is our number one priority.

I wish I had a crystal ball that would give a sense of when the COVID-19 situation will end. I think we all do.

As the pandemic continues to evolve and cause so many uncertainties, one thing will never change at Preferred Hotels & Resorts — our mission to promoting an inherent belief in travel. Believe in Travel is our brand promise and something we will always be committed to. We believe travel has the power to make people better versions of themselves — mentally, socially, and emotionally — building confidence and opening minds. I think we could all benefit from channeling the virtues of travel right now.

While times like these may keep us from physically traveling out of abundance of care, they present ample opportunity to let our imaginations wander and dream about where we want to travel next.

The Preferred team and our member hotels around the world continue to work diligently to take care of you. Working together, we will always be here to inspire and inform your travels — whenever the time is once again right, and you are ready.

Thank you for your support to independent hotels globally. Please continue believing in travel.