These Zoo Animals Will Make Your At-Home Yoga That Much Cuter

Hippos, lions, bears, birds, and, yes, downward dogs.

At-home fitness has become part of the new normal, but that doesn't mean that it's time to dust off Jane Fonda VHS tapes (because the fitness legend is on TikTok now) and sweat to the oldies (which, thanks to Richard Simmons, are all on YouTube). Thanks to the San Antonio Zoo, your Zen can include a walk on the wild side. Insider reports that the zoo, in partnership with yoga instructor Heather Love, has uploaded a variety of yoga courses, called Zen Zoo, that features many members of the animal kingdom behind Love's easy-flowing poses.

"We knew right away that we wanted to have a big social presence to stay connected to the community," Tim Morrow, the zoo's president and CEO, told Insider.

The live videos feature on the zoo's Facebook page every day, but there's also an archive of past streams on the property's YouTube channel. Past streams have highlighted the zoo's hippo exhibit, ring-tailed lemurs, black bears, and birds from the African savannah. There's something for all levels of practice, as Love offers modifications for beginners and the videos range from quick 11-minute flows to full-length 45-minute classes. The zoo plans on uploading a video every day until it reopens.

Like many institutions, the zoo is closed because for safety concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Though animal-adjacent yoga is nothing new, with baby goat yoga, alpaca yoga, and even pig yoga gaining in popularity in the past few years, this is one way you can get a few minutes of flow in without leaving your home and admiring a new view while you're perfecting your eagle pose.