Inspiring Destinations for When the Weather Changes

From New England’s Fall Colors to Tanzania’s Special Spring...

The Earth is truly a wonder. Thanks to its axial tilt and 365-day revolution around a midsize star, the third rock from the sun offers its nearly 10 billion inhabitants an impressive year-long display of cyclical weather tied to latitudinal location. Yes, we’re talking about the seasons.  

And why not? In North America we’re on the cusp of one of the biggest seasonal transitions of the year -- from the fertile height of summer with fields bursting with crops and trees dripping with bright green leaves to the golden draw of autumn and the bounty of its harvest under the fiery reds and oranges of turning leaves.  

It’s time to take advantage of this colorful slow slide into winter with trips to New England and The Midwest to “leaf peep” and take in one of nature’s technicolor majesty. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, but for the perfect autumnal experience, spend a few bright days at the quintessentially rural Woodstock Inn & Resort.

Woodstock Inn


Further south in North America, autumn’s crispness doesn’t quite extend its grip in the way it does further north. Here, the heat of summer gives way to milder temperatures, lower humidity, and the perfect weather for exploring everything this historic region has to offer. Head to the Hotel Emma in Texas for a relaxing autumnal escape involving rooftop pools and spacious rooms, all located in a converted former brewery.  

Across the Atlantic in Europe, fall sees most tourists take their leave until the holiday season begins. Locals and those able to travel to the continent should take this opportunity to visit during the short “shoulder season” and relish the lack of crowds and mild weather reaching from London to Switzerland and further south.  

For travelers looking to escape autumn altogether, simply head south of the equator to enjoy its opposite. Spring in Africa is the perfect time to visit for a safari or to explore its impressive coastal cities. The cool and dry weather offers a respite from summer’s scorching heat and the driving rains of winter, with Tanzania taking on an especially beautiful glow.  


Further east, on the islands of Southeast Asia, the rain season begins in earnest with evening showers, leaving the days bright, sunny, warm, and ready to welcome visitors for an indulgent beach or resort vacation. Indonesia offers its palm studded The Sanchaya resort, while the Philippines invites travelers to relax beachside at Discovery Shores Boracay - located on an island repeatedly ranked as one of the most the most beautiful in the world.  

Finally, in South America spring is beginning to warm up the continent that sees fewer travelers during this quick season before the long summer sets in. Opt for an Amazonian river cruise or visit one of the area’s favorite cities like Sao Paulo for an urban retreat prior to the start of summer’s heat.  

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Wherever you choose to travel, from New England to South America, let the mild weather and lower tourist volume guide your decision and you’ll find yourself somewhere seasonally stunning.