Independent Hotel Day 2020

Discover the Advantage of Independence

October 20, 2020 is the second annual Independent Hotel Day, a day to celebrate the genuine and unique hospitality offered to travelers by Independent Hotels around the world. In honor of this special holiday, we wanted to take a moment to explore what sets an independent hotel apart from the traditional chains, why they’re better than the rest, and how you can experience freedom on your own terms on your next independent hotel stay.

Why Stay Independent?

From the moment you’re born to the moment you take your first steps, you’re slowly accumulating all the skills you need for independence. By the time you’re ready to move out of your parents’ house and set off to begin your own life, you’ve spent years learning how to further that freedom. From getting a driver’s license to dying your hair and adding a few piercings or tattoos, you’ve not only been exploring your own independence, you’ve been crafting your own unique personality, style, and life, defining and solidifying your individuality.

So, with all that growing, learning, and yearning for freedom that you’ve finally secured, why would you ever settle for a boring chain? Sure, they seem to offer everything you want, but what they really offer is familiarity and the expected.

Break away from the monotony of formulaic hotels and resorts, and instead, exercise the freedom you’ve always had by staying independent on your next trip.

What Makes Independent Hotels Great?

Hotel chains don’t have a monopoly on fantastic locations in sought after destinations. In fact, many independent hotels offer the same desirable locales, with the added benefit of being able to truly bring a sense of place to the property through locally-inspired décor and design elements influenced by the past and present of a particular place.

And, while many hotel chains may offer standard amenities across the globe, an independent hotel can offer an exclusive activity not available elsewhere. Examples include locally guided tours, cooking classes, outdoor adventuring, wine-tastings, and more.

Independent hotels are also free to set their own rules. Unlike chain-bound brands, these hotels can provide travelers with better deals and exciting packages. From romantic couples retreat offerings to family vacation packages complete with activities and tickets to nearby attractions, Independent Hotel offers are leaps and bounds ahead of the standard hotel and resort portfolio.

But what about my loyalty points, you might be asking. How will I earn free nights or special benefits if I stay at an independent hotel not connected to a larger loyalty network? The good news: Independent hotels are just as interested in belonging to a rewards program as you are from participating in one. In fact, over 700 independent hotels, resorts, and residences around the world participate in the world’s largest points-based loyalty program for independent hotels, I Prefer Hotel Rewards from Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

With all these benefits made obvious, why waste time and money and trade in your own freedom and independence for a boring hotel when somewhere interesting, unique, and independent is ready and waiting to welcome you.