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Florida & the Caribbean

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Do sun-kissed beaches, fine dining, water sports, and wildlife sound good? Florida and the Caribbean have it all and more. Some of the most tranquil and breathtaking places to visit and explore are here.

A stay on any of the Caribbean islands is a chance for a relaxing holiday — each presenting its own character. Venturing to Florida means being in proximity to some of the best theme parks in the world, with the option of catching some rays on the Sunshine State’s own wide array of beautiful beaches. The Caribbean islands are captivating, with a range of activities. Trek St. Lucia’s jungle-clad Mount Gimie, scuba dive to the sunken treasure trove of RMS Rhone off the coast of the British Virgin Islands, or surf the legendary waves at Cabarete and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Of course, it is also a wonderful place to do nothing on one of the beaches — soft white sands and swaying palms are there to relax you.

The affluent and luxurious Bahamas are not far from the coastal reaches of Florida. Coastal highlights include Miami and Key West. Miami has everything from exciting nightlife to impressive skyscrapers and architecture while Key West’s Old Town is a designated U.S. historic district and home to nearly 200 fascinating buildings. Whichever island or region you select, the Caribbean and Florida offer a sunny break from the norm, with plenty to see, do, and experience.

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Travel Tips

Where can I taste the best seafood in the Caribbean?

Anguilla has 33 beaches, meaning an abundance of delicious seafood on offer. Turks & Caicos’s capital, Cockburn Town, is home to the island’s famed deep-fried conch clams. For the juiciest lobster cuts, head to St. Barths.

Where are the best beaches in Florida and the Caribbean?

Bermuda’s pink-tinted sands makes for memorable photos and The British Virgin Islands's infamous "baths" lie hidden between black volcanic boulders on the edge of Virgin Gorda. Florida’s Jupiter, Delray, and Clearwater Beaches are all fantastic for sunbathing and relaxing.

What is there to do in Tampa?

Tampa sits on the Mexican Gulf Coast, providing a year-round subtropical climate. Its northern landscapes are home to wild bayous. Ybor City is a fascinating district, where old cigar mills have been transformed into nightclubs, cocktail bars, and chic restaurants.

Where can I see sea turtles?

Frigate Bay Reef in St Kitts and Colombier Beach in St. Barths are popular for swimming with the turtles. Sombrero Beach in Key West is an important nesting site. Sea turtle nesting sites are also found on Jamaica's north coast, near Ocho Rios.

How can I make the most of all the theme parks in Orlando?

Many of Orlando's theme parks have advance-ticketing systems to help you save time waiting in line for the more popular rides. Be sure to book these in advance of your trip.

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