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A city bursting with colors and life, Delhi is an exciting place where historic and modern meet to create unique and unforgettable experiences. Split into two main parts, old and new, you can step back in time as far as the 17th century and see monuments dedicated to the city's Muslim heritage and Mughal people. You can then celebrate modern Delhi, featuring magnificent shopping malls and high rises.

In your travels of the city, the Jama Masjid mosque and the Red Fort are not to be missed. The fort was the main residence of the Mughal emperors for nearly 200 years and its impressive façade will make an impression on your Instagram feed. To the south is New Delhi, home to Rajpath, a monumental road stretching from India Gate to the Presidential Palace. Its surrounding avenues are lined with museums, shops, high-end boutiques, and the Hanuman Temple. See if you can spot an unusual crescent moon fixed into its spire instead of the more common Hindu symbol of the sun. Humayun's Tomb and Safdarjang's Tomb are both in New Delhi, perfect for wandering and taking in stunning scenery.

Visit Gandhi Smriti, where Mahatma Gandhi lived and died. Formerly known as Birla House, it is now a museum dedicated to his life and teachings. There is a moving memorial at the place where he was assassinated; raised footsteps trace his last walk from the house to the garden. Delhi is a busy place, full of history. Featuring tombs and temples, bustling street food stalls, and markets selling handmade goods, this is an ever-alluring place to explore and revisit.

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Travel Tips

What foods should I try in Delhi?

Chole Bhature is eaten for breakfast, lunch, or even just as a snack. Every street corner has a stall, dishing out round baseball-like bhaturas, hot from the kadhai (wok). Butter chicken is popular and served at most local restaurants and food stalls. Jalebi recipes date back to 1884 and this crispy pastry soaked in sugary syrup is popular with both locals and tourists.

What is the easiest way to get around Delhi?

Getting around in Delhi traffic can be time-consuming. Apps such as Ola and Uber are available and more affordable than taxi stands. The Delhi metro is easy to use and air-conditioned, but very busy during rush hours. There’s a ladies' car at one end of every train, clearly marked with pink signage. If you’re not going too far, you could take a tuk-tuk. Some choose to hire a car and driver for the day, a surprisingly affordable way to see a lot of the city.

Which museums should I visit in Delhi?

The National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum is home to over 35,000 pieces of Indian craft, including embroidery, paintings, textiles and clay. The National Rail Museum has more than 100 life-size exhibits of the Indian Railways, both outdoor and indoor exhibits, plus a toy train ride which allows visitors to cover the entire museum on regular days.

What is Delhi's nightlife like?

This is a city that comes alive at night. Delhi's nightlife scene boasts designer bars, chic cafés, and clubs. Shiro features luxury décor and Indian cuisine or you can relax and try hookah at the outdoor patio of Little Owl Café. Delhi Haat is a night market that allows you to shop for food and souvenirs after dark.