Alliance Partner

Helping the finest companies provide products and services to the hospitality industry reach the world’s largest collection of independent luxury resorts & hotels. There are endless opportunities for you and your company as an Alliance Partner of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

  • 650+ resorts and hotels globally
  • 80 countries
  • 50+ years of history
  • 5 diverse collections
  • 1 luxury brand

How to be considered an Alliance Partner of Preferred Hotels & Resorts

  • Step 1 – Know The Business Requirements
    • Company Business History: Minimum of 3 years in the luxury travel segment
    • Product: Provide our member resorts and hotels value-added products and/or services
    • Quality & Service: Preferred Hotels & Resorts member resorts must meet a quality and assurance check, which requires each of our Alliance Partners to meet this same standard
    • Pricing: Approved Alliance Partners provide our member resorts a Best Rate Guarantee
  • Step 2 - Submit Your Company Information
  • Step 3 – We Will Contact You
    • After you have submitted your company information the Preferred Hotels & Resorts team will review and contact you for a follow-up call
  • Step 4 – Endless Opportunities Await You
    • Year-long marketing campaign endorsing your product or service to the world’s finest collection of independent luxury hotels & resorts
    • Access to Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ global events, which allow you to meet key decision makers face-to-face
    • Regional director support to assist your team with generating new prospective clients

Current Alliance Partners of Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Alliance Partners