When the Only Thing Certain Is Uncertainty, Travel Is Waiting

Inspiration isn't going anywhere.

Right now, things are scary. Headlines are dire and good news is hard to come by. But that won't be the case forever. Much of the world is self-isolating and practicing social distancing, new terms that limit human movement to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

It's working so far, but all evidence points to an unpredictable recovery as experts figure out the best path forward. Now, many are waiting as information (and misinformation) swirls in the ether. With so much unknown, it's difficult to even think about traveling again, especially as many countries have closed their borders. But again, experts say that the future is unclear. What is clear? Nobody can keep travelers from imagining where they can go when it's deemed safe again.

Scroll through Instagram for a moment of escape. Influencers, hotels, and tourism boards are still offering stunning photos to satisfy #wanderlust. Travelers that have been putting off their bucket-list trips can keep researching, keep filling their future itineraries, and keep scouring Tripadvisor for recommendations. Connectivity has never been more accessible with phones, tablets, and computers offering a window to the trips that could be — and the ones that will be. The ability to travel may be limited right now, but the ability to look forward to a family gathering, romantic getaway, or island escape isn't. 

For now, while many have a few minutes to spare for self-reflection and self-care, museums all around the world are opening their virtual doors so that more people than ever can take in their collections. Stores of knowledge have allowed access in unprecedented ways, so while people may feel more isolated than ever before, it feels like parts of the world are closer than they've ever been. Inspiration is coming from all over. Filming locations are transportive in so many ways. Books set the stage for literary sojourns. Of course, magazines and social media incite #fomo, but that could be the spark to actually get out there one day.

Remember, jazz will fill the streets of New Orleans again. The Great Wall of China is already open for visitors. Spain's architectural wonders will inspire awe and wonder once again and the beaches of California will fill with the bronzed bodies and volleyball players that make for postcard-ready snapshots. Until then, travel is waiting and when you're ready, it'll be ready for you, too.

Until the all-clear is issued, we're offering inspiration, ideas, and a way to see the world without having to leave your home. Escape with us via InstagramFacebook, and our brand-new blog to see what's waiting for you.