Member Acquisition & Loyalty Rates

How quickly can I go live with iPrefer Member Rates and the opt-in checkbox?
Once you have signed the iPrefer Opt-In and Member Rate Agreement, our team will begin an implementation series with an expected completion date within 7-10 business days.

My hotel is interested. What are the next steps to participate?
Sign the iPrefer Opt-In and Member Rate Agreement

Once your hotel has signed the Agreement, we’ll take it from there:

It’s that easy!

Can I promote the iPrefer Member Rate on my website?
Absolutely! We encourage you to promote the iPrefer Member Rate on your website, in your email newsletters, on your social channels, and in your display advertising. Our team can assist with samples, templates, and best practices.

What is the difference between the iPrefer Member Rate and the iPrefer Exclusive offer? Can I offer/promote both?
The iPrefer Member Rate is an ongoing (year round) discount off the best available rate. The iPrefer Exclusive offer is a fenced promotional rate with a length of stay restriction, offering value-ads such as a hotel credit and double points. Both offers were developed to co-exist in the marketplace, so you can promote one offer or both.